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If you’re having pain or stiffness is those areas, it’s 99 percent likely that PT will be able to help you. We utilize several methods to do this, including exercise, deep tissue massage, dry needling, cupping, and blood flow restriction training.

Techniques Which May Be Used During Your Treatment
Therapeutic exercise

Yes, there's a very high chance that we will use exercise as a way to help your body heal. Studies show that active treatment including exercise is highly effective in improving pain and overall well-being! Its also been shown to help with:

Heart health
Chronic Pain
Reducing Risk of Cancer
Digestive function
Sexual performance and drive
Weight loss
Many other benefits!

Its the closest thing to a "miracle drug" so you better believe we're using it!

Don't worry if it hurts to exercise right now or if you've never done it before. We're here to guide you every step of the way.


Yoga Mats
Dry Needling

Similar to Acupuncture, use of these very thin needles can help with tight or achy muscles and is especially helpful with the combined use of gentle electrical stimulation. 

This treatment is not painful and actually helps us to address those tough to reach "knots" in your muscles. 

Use of dry needling is very beneficial for chronic pain but should not scare you away from receiving treatment from us if you're fearful of needles. We will not force you to receive any treatment that you're uncomfortable with. 


Blood Flow Restriction Training​

Use of "BFR" straps or "cuffs" during low level exercise, to reduce the speed that blood can return from your arm/leg. This causes the affected/painful area to increase muscle protein synthesis and growth factors. 

Essentially by using these cuffs and relatively low weights, we can achieve muscle growth similar to that of using much heavier weights without the physical strain on the joints and muscles. 

It's been found to be safe and effective in otherwise healthy individuals. 



We occasionally use "K-Tape" or "Rock Tape" as a way of reducing pain for an upcoming event such as a race or competition. Oftentimes we use this in combination with exercise and will have our athletes leave the tape on for several days, for maximal effect.

k tape.jpg

​A similar technique has been used for thousands of years in Ancient China but has recently been adapted for Western Medicine. Silicone or plastic cups are used to suction and lift tissue, which is effective in reducing the sensation of muscle tightness as well as alleviating pain. After this technique was used by Michael Phelps during the 2016 Olympics, cupping increased in popularity.


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