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What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy (PT for short) helps people who are suffering from aches, pain, and stiffness. The goal is to help them move freely again, to be able to bend and stretch without pain. By doing so we can help people lead and active and healthy lifestyle well into their 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

What does Physical Therapy entail?

PT will start off with a full body evaluation, movement assessment, and hands-on evaluation. This allows us to find out the root cause of your problem. 
Then, we will use hands-on treatment such as deep-tissue massage, dry needling or cupping, combined with exercises designed to relax and repair painful areas. We also give you a brief exercise program which will help keep you moving and feeling well, and out of the doctor's office. 

How Quickly Should I Expect Results?

There are two ways physical therapy can help: mentally and physically. Any good PT will help relieve your worries. Our team will start by listening to you, hearing your concerns, and then helping you understand what’s happening. Usually this is all complete in the first 10 to 15 minutes of your session!

After we talk through what you’re dealing with, the physical problem needs to be addressed. The time this takes to heal will depend on your age, how long you’ve had the issue, and how severe it is. Typically, people find some sort of comfort and relief within two to four weeks, unless the person would have long-standing problems, a severe injury, or is recovering from surgery.

Don't I need a Referral?

No. In many states including Ohio, you are not required to see your doctor prior to starting PT. This means that you can get started on the road to recovery faster and for less money than ever before!

We are able to see anyone without a physician’s referral. Just give us a call and book an appointment. If you’re willing to invest in your health, you’re very welcome to come see us, and we would LOVE to take great care of you.

How Soon Can I Get In?

Our goal is to get people in within 24 hours, and often times we are able to squeeze people in the same day.

How Long is a Treatment Session?

This will depend on your condition. Typically, you should expect a session to run about 45 minutes, give or take a few minutes. If you are a more severe case, it may be a little longer.

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